The Partnership



“Die Berater” Unternehmensberatungs GmbH ( focuses on adult education vocational training and human resources development. Founded in 1998 by Martin Röhsner, die Berater® now employs 350 people in over 30 locations throughout Austria.

Further education and training is the core business within our broad portfolio. Planning, organising and running staff-development and education programmes for around 20,000 participants each year, die Berater figures amongst the largest private educational institutes in Austria and was awarded with the state award for adult education (Österreichischer Staatspreis für Erwachsenenbildung). Our services are aimed at private individuals, national and international companies and organisations in all sectors and of any size, as well as the public sector, including the Austrian Employment Service (AMS). Their main aims are to motivate and qualify people to make full use of their potentials in the economy, at the labour market and in their personal lives.



Resource Center for Integration (VIFIN) is a knowledge and research center at the Municipality of Vejle established in 2002 to collect and process knowledge on integration, and to develop and implement integration projects and activities. It creates, disseminates and mainstreams good practice on integration and social development at the local, regional, national and international levels with the vision to be the leader in knowledge building, dialogue and innovation on integration and development.



Wisamar is a non-profit educational institute in Leipzig, Germany, acting in vocational, cultural and adult education. Wisamar is accredited by TÜV as education provider according to AZAV principles (employment activities for the Federal Employment Office) and also by the Office for Migration and Refugees as Integration Course Provider. In the AZAV accreditation process the quality management system is audited on an annual basis.

Wisamar works in four areas:
– Integration – labour market and social integration

– Further education.

– Project Office.

– EU Mobility & Mobility Consultancy.

The aim of the organisation is the promotion of education, tolerance and international attitude in all spheres of understanding between different peoples, cultures and education.



Vardakeios School of Ermoupoli started its activities in adult education twelve years ago and at least 700 students have attended one or more language courses. The school offers courses of Greek,English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, French language for Greeks and immigrants. The courses are aimed at adults and the students have the opportunity to prepare themselves for the State Language Certificates.

However, the school is also a place where everyone can function as a carrier of his/her culture, but also as a receiver of elements of other cultures. They all seek to experience the multicultural environment through several activities. Storytelling from around the world, staging performances by multinational groups, multicultural cuisine, bazaars of Greek and foreign books, knitting and woodcarve workshops, hiking on the mountains are some of the many activities organised for the students.



The Institute of Technology, Tralee (ITT) has participated in a number of EU and national programmes as a partner and as the Applicant. The ITT staff has many national and international networks that would be suitable to disseminate the core ideas of this project.

ITT has been at the forefront of learning since its establishment and has since, gained a reputation as a centre of distinction for teaching, learning and research. The Institute offers a range of full-time and part-time courses ranging from foundation level, through to certificate, degree, post-graduate and doctoral level. Enhancing the taught programmes at the Institute is a world class programme of research. Based on two campuses, both within easy access to the town centre, the Institute has a well-deserved reputation for friendliness and success. With a community of over 3,500 students and over 250 academic staff, consisting of a diverse mix of home, EU and overseas students, you are guaranteed a warm welcome at the Institute. Located alongside the Kerry Technology Park the Institute has fostered close links with companies based in the park. Our multi-million Euro Masterplan has already seen significant developments in sporting, teaching and research.




ENAIP, Ente Nazionale Acli Istruzione Professionale, is a non-profit association, which operates at a national and international level, with initiatives addressed to youngsters, workers and companies, and has been legally recognised since 1961.

ENAIP Piemonte operates in the regional area of Piedmont with a General Direction and 17 vocational training centres located in each province. The main objective is to enhance human resources and the most significant areas are training, guidance, consultancy, support in the professional insertion and job creation. We offer tools and means to design the most suitable opportunities for personal and professional development. We believe in the central role of each individual and we support the use of knowledge, technology and technique, to fully operate into society and into the labour market. Each project is created with two key elements, professionalism and reliability, and a particular attention is given to integration and equal opportunity issues. Know, know-how and know how to be represent the three pillars of our vocational training.




Centre for Education was established in 2012 and is a Not for Profit Association based in the Marina Cala D’or, Mallorca, Spain.

The team of professional educators and volunteers works toward the following aims and objectives:
a) The promotion, research and the provision of training and education for children, youth and adults,
b) The improvement of education and training opportunities in both content and method
c) To increase the availability of education and training,
d) To achieve more interest and success in education and training and
e) To improve the chances on employment, improve re-entry into education or self-employment and thus reduce unemployment and to remedy social problems.

For this, Centre for Education provides education and training for children, youth and adults (often with migrant background) in form of language courses, digital/ computer courses and key competence training to improve employability. The Centre is attended by students who range from a variety of social backgrounds, who come from many different EU Countries and whose ages range from 16 years upwards.