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The Search for Beethoven

You are Steve Miller. A aspiring composer from England who has come to Austria to find inspiration from Ludwig Beethoven’s work

The Search for the Count of Cavour

You are Azadeh, a university researcher who has arrived in Turin to study the conservation of ancient egyptian objects. Surprises are on your way.

The Hunt for Harald

You are Bob Johnson, a journalist from Hawaii who has come to Denmark to locate its birth place. Find the stone – find the King.

Search for Isabel

You are Patrick Malone, a student from Dublin (Ireland), who is on an Erasmus exchange in Valladolid/Spain , to get to know the city of Valladolid and research the role of Isabel I.

The Search for St. Brendan

 You are Pavan, an Indian academic with an interest in medieval Irish literature, who has come to Ireland to find the birthplace of St. Brendan. 


Hunt for Pherecydes

You are Maria Gonzalez a teacher of Philosophy from Venezuela who has come to Syros island to make a research about the presocratic philosopher Pherekydes.


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